Founder Rosaria Haugland’s vision for Ophelia’s Place was to provide services that intervene at an early point in a girl’s life, giving her an opportunity to develop supportive relationships and strengths that will lead to her long-term well-being. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia was a young woman whose tragic circumstances and lack of support prevented her from developing healthy relationships and achieving her own potential. Early interventions can help prevent tragic and costly outcomes such as domestic violence, low educational achievement, early pregnancy, or drug and alcohol abuse.

In recognizing this need for support, founder of Ophelia’s Place Rosaria P. Haugland created a space for girls to learn from each other, form friendships, and explore their interests. Since 2005 the center has operated as a space for girls to grow as people and learn about themselves, while also learning how to overcome difficult and stressful times in a space where counseling and supportive adults are readily available.