School Partnerships

Classroom presentations to all students allow youth to learn about topics like media & body image, bullying prevention and more.While schools are traditionally known for teaching history and algebra, they have become an important place where students also learn soft skills like communication, responsibility, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills.

Ophelia’s Place partners with schools to positively impact school climate and the social-emotional health of students to help them focus on learning. Ophelia’s Place School Partnerships provide several classroom presentations, girl empowerment groups, and education opportunities for school faculties and parents.

 A controlled, three-year research study showed that when schools partner with Ophelia’s Place, students self-report higher levels of self-esteem, reports of peer victimization decrease, and students feel more supported by their peers.

If you’re a school administrator, teacher, or parent and are interested in seeing an Ophelia’s Place School Partnership in your school, contact Verna at (541) 284-4333 ext. 101.

In-Classroom Presentations

In-Classroom Presentations to all students provides an interactive and engaging way to discuss valuable topics, including:

    • Peers as Allies (Bullying Prevention)
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Media & Body Image
    • Internet Safety
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Digital Decisions
    • Healthy Relationships

Our presentations meet the Oregon Department of Education Standards by Design for 8th Grade Health Education, and are geared for grades 6th-8th grade.

Girls Empowerment Groups

Girls Empowerment Groups nurture self-esteem, teach skills for making healthy choices, and encourage self-expression in a small group setting. These closed groups meet one hour per week for 8-12 weeks and are made up of 6-8 girls. Ophelia’s Place staff facilitate strengths-based curriculum that discuss:

    • Deconstructing media influence on body image & self-esteem.
    • Friendships with other girls
    • Building communication skills to create healthier relationships and avoid unhealthy/abusive relationships
    • Navigating difficult transitions and peer pressure
    • Respecting Differences
    • Stress management & self-care

Young Amazing Women of Color Groups

Young Amazing Women of Color Groups allow girls who identify as girls of color and/or multicultural to share experiences and insights about multicultural identity while discussing challenges, making friends, building skills, and participate in activities related to personal power, self-care, and connecting with community.

    • Ethnic identity and cultural pride
    • Deconstructing stereotypes and discrimination
    • Examination of media influence on body image & self-esteem
    • The importance of cultivating friendships and alliances with other girls
    • Building communication skills to create healthier relationships and avoid unhealthy/abusive relationships.
    • Navigating difficult transitions and peer pressure
    • Respecting differences
    • Self-care

School Staff and Parent Education

Ophelia’s Place understands that it takes a holistic approach to care for girls in our communities. If parents, teachers, administrators and classmates are using the same approach and vocabulary to tackle issues like bullying or building positive relationships, there’s a greater chance of positive outcomes.

Presentations are available to staff and parents on many of the same topics discussed during classroom presentations, and are easily altered to be shared during staff meetings, in-service days, after school or during evening meetings.

For more information about School Partnerships or any of our school programming, call 541-284-4333.