Winter 2021 Online Activities & Workshops

To register for an activity or book an orientation,
call at 541-284-4333 or email info@opheliasplace.net.

Ophelia’s Place activities and workshops for girls ages 10-18 are now accessible online!

OP activities are run on Zoom, and facilitated by OP staff and volunteers. When you register, you will receive the meeting link and information you need to join. All events are free of charge, but donations are welcome.

Orientations are required for all girls participating in Ophelia’s Place activities. Orientations are with both a girl and her guardian. Book your orientation by calling (541) 284-4333 or by emailing info@opheliasplace.net.

Download the calendar here.
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Drop-in Game Nights (Open House) – No Orientation Required
Girls 10-18 and a parent/guardian of their choice
Friday, Jan. 15 & 29, Feb. 12 & 26, and March 12
5-6 pm
Are you new to Ophelia’s Place? Wondering what we do, or how to get involved? This is a great way to learn more before you’ve had an orientation! Girls can hang out, meet new people, and play some games! Parents are welcome to speak with staff and interns and ask any questions they have. Join us every other Friday on Zoom for a ton of fun!

OP Monthly Craft Kits! Order yours now.

OP Monthly Craft Kits
By donation (Suggested sliding scale: $10-$20/month)
Recommended ages: 10-14
Looking for new ideas to keep busy this winter? Subscribe to our monthly activity box and bring OP home with you! Each monthly kit has themed crafts, activities, and games – with all the materials you need! Tune into the Craft Challenge of the Month video on our YouTube channel for instructions and demos of the craft! Or, if you want to get together with other girls and OP staff to do your activities, sign up for a Craft Kit workshop (see below for workshop dates). Kits are distributed by curbside pickup at our Eugene or Junction City locations, or by mail for those outside those service areas. Please wear a mask and respect social distancing guidelines for in-person pickup.

Craft Kit Workshops

DIY Pottery (Craft Kit Workshop)
Girls 10-18
Friday, Jan. 22
4:30-6 pm
Clay is a ton of fun, but there are so many clay types and techniques that it’s hard to know where to start! That’s why we created our take-home DIY pottery kit! We’ll try different clays and techniques to make three kinds of pots: pinch pots, coil pots, and slab pots. It’s going to be a ton of fun (and a little messy) so sign up and get your craft on!

Kintsugi Cookies (Craft Kit Workshop)
Girls 10-18
Friday, Feb. 19
4:30-6 pm
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold or other precious metals to repair broken pottery. The process is tricky and takes a lot of patience and care, but when you finish you have a piece of art that is stronger and even more amazing than it was before! Pretty neat right? We might not have gold and pottery, but we do have cookies and frosting! Plus, we get to share how the things that challenge us make us stronger (while we snack on delicious cookies)! Please inform us of any dietary restrictions during registration.

Slime Science Party (Craft Kit workshop)
Girls 10-18
Friday, March 19
4:30-6 pm
This one’s a messy one, so be extra prepared for a slime science party where we will make not one, but two types of slime! It’s going to be a ton of slimy fun learning the properties of each type of slime, and the science behind what makes them different! Grab your lab coat (or maybe an apron, or even a garbage bag!), and set yourself up somewhere you can go slime-crazy without risking any electronics devices or stainable surfaces! Please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities during registration.

Social Activities & Groups

OP Queer Space

OP Queer Space
Ages 12-18
Mondays, beginning Jan. 11
3:30-4:30 pm & 5-6 pm
Free (donations accepted)
Space is limited. Register by Dec. 29. 
Requires orientation and pre-screening for new members
OP Queer Space is a weekly support group for members of the LGBTQIA+/Queer community. This space is for all girls, including trans girls, plus non-binary, gender nonconforming, and gender fluid folks. This online group provides professional and peer support helpful in managing challenges faced by queer youth. The group is facilitated by OP therapists and focuses on empowerment and community building from a strengths-based, relational approach. Come build your queer community! Weekly attendance expected. Zoom, webcam, and headphones required. Informed consent (guardian, if under 14) required prior to first attendance.

Women’s Advisory Council for Youth (WACY)
Girls 14-18
Wednesdays, Jan. 6-March 17
4-5 pm
WACY is a volunteer group of young women committed to leadership, empowerment, and equality for all people. We support the mission of OP through awareness-raising, advocacy, and fundraising activities! It’s also a great chance to practice leadership, learn new skills, and get experience working on projects as part of an organization. Youth-led and directed, join us to make a difference, make friends, and get great volunteer experience! Currently recruiting for the 2020-2021 school year.

OP Community Groups - for all girls ages 10-18. January-March Session now available. Register by Jan. 6.

OP Community Groups
Girls 10-18
Beginning Jan. 11
Register by Jan. 6
Free – Donations welcome
Socially distanced doesn’t mean socially disconnected! Meeting new people and build friendships can be a challenge right now, which is why we created our OP Community Groups!  They’re a fantastic place to help girls and young women find connection and support this school year. Girls meet once a week with a consistent group of similarly-aged girls for eight weeks through winter term. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, or what you’re going through, we have a space for you to take a break, re-charge, and have some fun along the way! To register, call (541) 284-4333 or email info@opheliasplace.net.

Mondays, 4-5 pm or 5-6 pm
Session 1: Jan. 11-March 1
Session 2: Jan. 25-March 15 

Wednesdays 4-5 pm or 5-6 pm
Session 1: Jan. 13-March 3
Session 2: Jan. 27-March 17


Dungeons & Dragons: The Missing Dragon of Zoloto
Girls ages 12-18
Tuesdays, Jan. 19-Feb. 16
4-5:30 pm
The prosperous city-state of Zoloto has long been a place where people, from elves to orcs, have co-existed peacefully and happily, protected by a giant golden dragon. But when the dragon disappears and a necromancer attacks the city, it is up to brave young adventurers to set forth and rescue their home. Facilitated by Claire Graman of Girls Voices Matter. No previous D&D experience required!

What You Wish You Learned in Health Class - for girls ages 14-18

Thursdays, Jan. 21-March 18. Register now.

What You Wish You Learned in Health Class
Girls 14-18 (13 with parent/guardian permission)
Thursdays, Jan. 21-March 18
4-5 pm
Does the majestic wonderland of hormones that is your body confuse the crap out of you? If yes, this may be the group you’ve been waiting for! During this workshop, we will be touching on a lot of important topics, like healthy relationships, sexuality, anatomy, and more! It’s a safe, comfortable place to find answers to all those awkward questions hanging out in your brain. Join us and learn more about you, no previous health classes required! To register, call (541) 284-4333 or email info@opheliasplace.net.

Weekly Drawing Challenge
Girls 10-18
Thursdays, Jan. 14-Feb. 18
5-6 pm
Whether you’ve always been artsy or you’re just trying it out, this workshop is a great way to tap into your creativity! Each week we will have a different drawing prompt to work on that will challenge us into trying our new techniques, styles, and more! Grab your favorite pencil and your sketchbook and do some art with us! No previous drawing experience required. Facilitated by OP staff.

Pac-Man-esque Ghost

Women in Video Games
Girls ages 10-18
Tuesdays, Feb 23-March 16
4-5 pm
This class is an awesome opportunity to learn about women’s history and role in the development of video games and game culture. Women have a long history of participating, enhancing, and enjoying the video game world and we want to share that with you! Celebrate the amazing contributions women have made to the gaming world, and figure out how you can get involved too! Facilitated by Claire Graman of Girls Voices Matter.

This Is My Story
Girls 10-18
Tuesdays, Feb. 23-March 16
5-6 pm
What is your story, and how can you share it? Find and tell your truth through self-expression – through poetry, short story, or self-portrait, whatever it is that best shares the experiences that have shaped who you are. It might be things that motivate us, challenge us, inspire us, entertain us… There is no limit to your story, and there’s no limit here! At the end of this workshop, you will have the option to submit your story to a collection that Ophelia’s Place is putting together to honor the experiences of girls through the pandemic.

To register for an activity or book an orientation,
call at 541-284-4333 or email info@opheliasplace.net.