You can’t help others unless you are happy with who you are. I looked at myself in the mirror one night and my first thought was ‘Wow, I’m beautiful.’ I can honestly say that’s never happened to me before. Maybe I’m learning to love myself. I feel like I learned a lot about myself. I’m a much happier person because of this experience. Ophelia’s Place made me feel comfortable and at home, and I imaging it does the same thing for the girls there.

Ophelia’s Place intern, Age 16

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Improv class. But, I quickly felt very welcome. The three days of the workshop were very fun. I feel like I learned a lot and my acting skills definitely improved. Teresa’s teaching style was great. She made everyone feel very comfortable in the class. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is trying to improve on their acting skills, their improvisational skills, or is just trying to have a good time. I enjoyed it a lot and I would love to return next year.

Ophelia’s Place participant, Age 16

Ophelia’s Place is so mellow and soothing- it is a safe and open-minded facility that allows you to be just who you are… I know I can always talk with somebody who will help me and give me options to figure out anything from a hard situation to an everyday one…

Ophelia’s Place Participant, Age 12

I was an emotional train wreck. I couldn’t control my anger and I always blew a fuse at someone who didn’t deserve my frustration. But after being being in Girls Circle I’ve been able to control that and it’s made me happier.

Ophelia’s Place Participant

Ophelia’s Place is a place of serenity and growth. It provides a service of giving girls a place where they can be at peace with themselves… by talking out their problems with one of Ophelia’s friendly therapists, or participating in a group with other girls that are going through similar experiences. By opening up and sharing their experiences they are able to… become insightful and communicative, and able to grow in their understanding of the world. Ophelia’s Place offers an open door, a friendly welcome, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Ophelia’s Place Participant, Age 18

Staff and volunteers continue to make Ophelia’s Place safe for any girl coming through its doors. Girls are free to be who they are, to make their voices heard, and are supported by the staff, the volunteers, and the other girls who spend time at Ophelia’s Place.

Ophelia’s Place Volunteer, University of Oregon Student