School Partnerships

The goal in partnering with schools is to positively impact the school climate with respect to relational aggression, body image and healthy relationships. Our School Partnerships include Girl Empowerment Groups, classroom presentations to all students, and school staff or parent presentations. Schools will be chosen as partners based on the following criteria:

  • Access to mental health services
  • Geographic location (balance between rural and suburban locations)
  • Supportive relationship with administration
  • Financial support

For more information about School Partnerships or any of our school programming, call 541-284-4333.

Classroom Presentations

Ophelia’s Place currently offers 8 different presentations for students in grades 5 – 12. The Oregon Department of Education Standards by Design for 8th Grade Health Education (2012) are listed below each description.

Media & Body Image: This multimedia presentation describes the impact that media has on self-concept and gender identity. The alteration and manipulation of images in the media is discussed and explored, as well as consumer literacy. Students are given strategies for fostering a sense of healthy body image. This presentation meets many of the Oregon state benchmarks surrounding media literacy and core health concepts. HE.08.PM02.CC, HE.08.PM04.CC, HE.08.VS07.CC

Peers As Allies (Bullying Prevention): This presentation empowers students with practical strategies to prevent and stop bullying behaviors. Students define the many different types of bullying, discrimination and harassment, and discuss the importance of standing up for each other. Typically presented in 2 days of 45 minutes each, students work together to examine peer aggression and role-play strategies for supporting others. HE.08.VS01.CC

Healthy Relationships for All: This presentation helps students form a solid base for creating safety and respect in all of their relationships. This presentation gives students a framework for healthy relationship rights and responsibilities and demonstrates how to interact positively with all the people in their lives. HE.08.PM01.CC

Healthy Dating Relationships: This multimedia, interactive presentation defines healthy vs. abusive relationship dynamics within dating relationships. Presenters emphasize everyone’s right to feel safe and respected and provide resources for further information and support. Strategies on how to help a friend are also discussed. This presentation fulfills state requirements for domestic violence prevention education. (OR House Bill 4077.) HE.08.PM01.CC, HE.08.VS04.CC

Conflict Resolution: This presentation defines passive, assertive and aggressive behavior and gives students an opportunity to practice positive communication skills through role-playing. HE.08.VS01.CC

Sexual Harassment: What it Is and What to Do. This presentation addresses the definition of harassment, examines its consequences (both legal and personal) and gives students tools for addressing it. HE.08.PS09.CC

Internet Safety: This presentation helps students understand the risks and dangers as well as the ways the internet can help to create a safe environment.

Digital Decisions: This presentation examines social pressure that teens face around sexting. This presentation focuses on critical thinking, making wise choices, and being an ally.

Most of our presentations can be adapted for larger audiences.

Girls’ Empowerment Groups

Our gender-specific, psycho-educational support groups are offered for girls in middle and high schools, as well as for 5th graders in elementary schools.

They are designed to nurture self-esteem, help girls maintain authentic connection with peers and adult women, teach skills for making healthy choices, and allow for genuine self-expression through discussion and activity. Weekly themes follow the research-based Girls’ Circle empowerment model. ( This excellent prevention-based program examines thoughts, beliefs, and actions about the primary concerns that girls face today.

The Girls’ Circle model consists of 8-12 weeks of one-hour group meetings. These closed groups are small (typically 6-8 girls) to allow participants to build safety and trust. Weekly meetings are rich with skill-building themes and activities that promote critical thinking in all areas of girls’ lives. A pair of Ophelia’s Place trained co-facilitators will encourage girls to explore their choices and behaviors in ways that promote self-care and healthy decision-making.

This strengths-based curriculum addresses issues such as:

  • Deconstructing media influence on body image & self esteem.
  • Friendships with other girls
  • Building communication skills to create healthier relationships and avoid unhealthy/abusive relationships
  • Navigating difficult transitions and peer pressure
  • Respecting Differences
  • Stress management & self-care

Co-facilitators are long-term Ophelia’s Place staff or interns paired with interns or volunteers who have completed a minimum of 20 hours of training.

School responsibilities include:

  • Providing a committed school contact person to coordinate logistics.
  • Coordinate appropriate referrals for the group. (Participants are voluntary and willing to be positive contributing members.)
  • Secure a confidential space and consistent time for the group to meet each week.
  • Secure written parental permission as needed.
  • Ensure that students are excused from class during group time.
  • Ensure that notes are sent out to remind students to attend group each week in a timely manner.
  • Be available for follow up on an as-needed basis.
  • Inform co-facilitators of any upcoming schedule changes.
  • Maintain ongoing clear communication with OP staff as needed.

 Young Amazing Women of Color (YAWOC) Groups 

YAWOC groups are open specifically to girls that identify as girls of color, biracial, and/or multicultural.  It is offered for 5th grade girls as well as girls at the middle school and high school level and is a 6-12 week long group. Experiences and insights about multicultural identity development will be shared while discussing challenges, making friends, building skills, and having fun! Girls will participate in activities related to personal power, self-care, and connecting with community.

In all weekly groups, facilitators work with girls through skill building and discussion to address issues such as:

  • Ethnic identity and cultural pride
  • Deconstructing stereotypes and discrimination
  • Examination of media influence on body image & self-esteem
  • The importance of cultivating friendships and alliances with other girls
  • Building communication skills to create healthier relationships and avoid unhealthy/abusive relationships.
  • Navigating difficult transitions and peer pressure
  • Respecting differences
  • Self-care

Co-facilitators are Ophelia’s Place trained staff and interns who also identify as Amazing Women of Color.

School Staff and Parent Training

We are available to present to staff or parents on a variety of topics that can be easily altered to meet your school’s specific needs. Presentations can be shared during staff meetings, in-service days, after school, or in the evenings.

  • Understanding Girls’ Friendship Aggression
  • Addressing Media Impact on Body Image & Gender Identity
  • Teen Relationships and Dating Violence
  • What to do about Bullying, Discrimination & Sexual Harassment
  • Social Media, Cyber-Bullying & Internet Safety

Our presentations include information on:

  • The extent of the problem
  • How to recognize it and how it plays out in schools
  • How adults can support, refer to outside resources, and work to reduce harm and recidivism.

For more information about School Partnerships or any of our school programming, call 541-284-4333.