Verna, Executive Director

What advice would Verna give to her 13-year-old self? 

“Dear Verna,

If you want to be successful just tell people what you’re going to do.  Then do it!

Try more things; have fun when you fail!

Explore more things; get excited about things you don’t know!

Appreciate more things; be grateful every day!

Choose friends who compliment you; those who don’t aren’t friends.

Say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’.

Whenever possible do it (life, work, friendships) with love.

Laugh more.”

You can contact Verna at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 101

Laura, Program Director and Therapist 

What advice would Laura give to her 13-year-old self?

“I would tell my 13-year old self that fitting in is not as important as you think it is.

Do the things you like rather than the things you think others will.

Be kind to everyone, help others, and learn about the importance of saving money EARLY!”

You can contact Laura at or (541) 284-433 ext. 102

Sarah, Development Director

What advice would Sarah give to her 13-year-old self? 

“You are just right as you are.  The world needs all kinds of people to contribute to the greater good.

Pursue what interests you, don’t worry about what others think is cool.

Hang around people that make you happy!”

You can contact Sarah at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 107

Abra, Office Manager

What advice would Abra give to her 13-year-old self? 

“Some of what you are experiencing right now, I know, feels supremely important. (What that friend said or did, getting those cool pants, obtaining that popular hair style, if that boy likes you or not…)

Try and believe me when I say, soon, many of those things will be replaced and mostly forgotten by even more important things. Like what you want to do with your life and who you want to be. Try and focus on enjoying your youth, learning as much as you can, making friends, and creating new experiences. Oh, and remember, it’s always okay to ask for help!”

You can contact Abra at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 106


Sofie, Bilingual Receptionist

What advice would Sofie give her 13-year-old self? 

“Always be true to yourself. You were born a star, shine bright as a diamond!

Love yourself, and believe that the impossible is possible.”

You can contact Sofie at or  (541) 284-4333 ext. 106 from 3 – 6pm, Monday – Thursday.

Kyra, Training and Education Coordinator

What advice would Kyra give her 13-year-old self? 

“You will one day create a wonderful future that includes positive relationships with lots of other strong, loving women. Things can feel tough sometimes, but it’s worth it to keep doing what you love, talking about things when you are upset, taking healthy risks, and learning everything you can. You will have so many great adventures and be surrounded by so much love. Stay open to all the different ways that love and support may come to you.”

You can contact Kyra at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 105

River, Site Coordinator

You can contact River at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 104

What advice would River give her 13-year-old self? 

“There is nothing wrong with your body, don’t focus on comparing yourself to others.

Don’t worry about being “good enough”-you are exactly enough as you are.

Be proud of your smart, weird, enthusiastic, nerdy self- you are awesome!

You will keep meeting amazing people throughout your life, so don’t worry if you are lonely sometimes.

Keep making art, learn about money, stay curious, keep doing well in school…and keep laughing.”

Yuki,  School Program Coordinator

What advice would Yuki give her 13-year-old self? 

“You are exactly enough as you are.”

You can contact Yuki at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 100



Jessica, Therapist

What advice would Jess give her 13-year-old self? 

May you be happy. May you know your true worth. May you know that you are lovable. May you love yourself with ease.

You don’t have to waste any more time comparing yourself to others. Be brave and bold and trust yourself. All the things that make you different, all the things that set you apart— these are the best and most interesting parts of you. Embrace your inner weirdo because she’s awesome.”

You can contact Jessica at or 541-284-4333 ext. 103

Parisa, Therapist

What advice would Parisa giver her 13-year-old self? 

“Release any worries you hold about who you ‘should’ be or where your life should lead. Life will be the most beautiful, messy, and exciting when you let go of expectations and follow your own path. Your voice, feelings, thoughts, and experiences matter. You are enough, exactly as you are in this moment.”


You can contact Parisa at or (541) 284-4333 ext. 111


Rosaria P. Haugland, Founder and Benefactor

Rosaria has lived in Eugene for over 30 years but was born in Italy, one of six children. Latin, literature and exposure to opera were early inspirations for Rosaria in what would be a lifetime of learning. Rosaria was the first in her family to graduate from college, and then went on to earn advanced degrees in microbiology and biochemistry.

Merging marriage and science, Rosaria and Dick Haugland formed Molecular Probes in 1975 where their pioneering work led to the development of florescent probes which are used to label and detect cell functions and activities. During this time she raised two children. Since retiring from her work in science, Rosaria has been involved in volunteer leadership in many community organizations. Rosaria’s commitment to strong healthy girls is the foundation of Ophelia’s Place.