We Help Ourselves When We Help Each Other

Posted by on Mar 8, 2021 | Comments Off on We Help Ourselves When We Help Each Other

We Help Ourselves When We Help Each Other

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of self-care during this past year of extraordinary change and challenge. Often when we talk about self-care, it’s focused on the things we can do as individuals to handle stress and upheaval. This might look like moments of quiet, walks in nature, setting healthy boundaries, and finding moments of comfort. These practices are important.

It’s also important to acknowledge that we are part of a larger community that experiences stress but also offers strength. Our communities are often the places where we form powerful connections that nurture us and allow us to nurture others. This reciprocal care is just as important to our well-being as the individual acts we take for ourselves. When we participate in our larger communities, we collectively access the energy and wisdom to make positive changes that benefit everyone.

In the past year, we have all learned new ways to work together, stay in touch with family and friends, and engage in the larger world. We’ve come together to support the causes we care about, we’ve learned that “being professional” can include seeing pets and children on Zoom, we’ve innovated new ways to play and create. For many of us, we’ve realized just how much we need each other in order to be successful and whole, personally and professionally. Many times, we’ve seen our young people lead the way—from inspiring us to get moving with TikTok dances to watching their struggles and determination in navigating online school. Along the way, girls have found support and friendship through Ophelia’s Place services, and you’ve supported us with your generosity and kind words.

The lesson from this past year might be that we help ourselves when we help each other. Just as each girl needs support from parents, peers, extended family, and other encouraging adults to grow into her full empowered self, our communities are made stronger when we support each other. What we’ve seen is that despite all the changes and challenges of the past year, we continue to show up for our girls, our neighbors, our families. Each connection has allowed us opportunities to learn from each other, share ideas, commiserate, and grow together.