Skill Building Classes for Girls

Ophelia’s Place Skill-Building program strives to empower, educate, and support girls ages 10-18 by offering a variety of classes, clubs, and one-time events throughout the academic year (September through June). Skill-Building activities provide girls opportunities to pursue special interests in a safe and supportive environment with their peers, and teaches them life-long skills.

Skill-Building activities take place after school, Monday through Thursday on no-school days, and occasionally on Saturdays.

Skill-Building classes vary by term (quarter), but include the following core topics:

  • Self-care/health
  • Technology/science
  • Creative/expressive arts
  • Physical
  • Mind/body
  • Leadership

Some examples of Skill-Building activities include:

  • Spa Day (self-care/health)
  • G-TEC: Computer Programming (tech/science)
  • Creative Arts Playshop (creative/art)
  • Hip-hop Dance (physical)
  • Guided Meditation (mind/body)
  • Women’s Advisory Council For Youth (WACY) (Leadership)

View our Events & Calendar for descriptions of current offerings: