Your Gift Makes a Difference

Ophelia’s Place is a 501c3 nonprofit. There are many ways to contribute:

Donate Funds

Help girls access fun activities that empower them to make healthy decisions, therapy services to support them, and school empowerment groups and presentations to educate them. Donate now, or mail/deliver your donation to:

Ophelia’s Place
1577 Pearl Street, Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401

Become a Member of the OP Society

Setting up a monthly giving plan with Ophelia’s Place makes you a member of the OP Society. Your monthly contribution will allow Ophelia’s Place to plan ahead for activities and programs for girls. Learn more about its benefits.

Donate Stock

To donate stock, please contact Verna Wise Matthews at (541) 284-4333 or email verna@opheliasplace.net.

Donate Supplies and Healthy Snacks

Girls visit our facility in downtown Eugene or in Junction City after school to enjoy activities like crafts, games and homework, and have an after-school snack. We regularly are in need of general craft supplies, books and healthy snacks. Want to feed the effort? Check out our full wishlist here.

Purchase Books for our Library 

We have a special OP library wishlist at Powell’s Books. View it here!

Shop at smile.amazon.com

No extra purchase necessary! You can shop at smile.amazon.com with an existing Amazon account and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to Ophelia’s Place.

Meet Morgan. She’s a 23-year-old college graduate, an engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and an OP Girl.

“There is a girl at school who feels defeated by the bullies that torment her daily.

There is a girl at home right now who wishes she had friends to talk to about the latest book she read.

There is a girl who wants to express her love of anime through art and reading but has no one to join her.

There is a girl in need of someone to help her with these overwhelming feelings of sadness, fear, and loneliness.

 These girls are all my own personal experience as a youth, and of those I met in the community that Ophelia’s Place fosters daily. I always called Ophelia’s Place my ‘home away from home,’ where I could be in a safe environment to interact with girls like me. Ophelia’s Place fed a need in my social and emotional growth that school, home, or my friend group couldn’t meet.

The girls who come to Ophelia’s Place find more than what any other place or program can offer – an environment truly of their own design. These girls start clubs and explore their interests, chat with someone, enjoy some food, unwind from school, seek support for their emotions, get active, and much more.

It’s with your generous support that Ophelia’s Place offers girls a place to grow and explore their boundaries, and set them up for success. I learned how to speak up for myself, be assertive, and chase what I want out of life. Now, I’m an engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific at the young age of 23, college degree completed. And I’m not the only woman to come from Ophelia’s Place and launch into life ferociously. We would not be where we are in our lives without the unique culture Ophelia’s Place offers. Your funding gives girls the opportunity to realize the potential within themselves. As Ophelia’s Place continues its work, more girls are going to chase their dreams, be successful in life, and become empowered women.”