Dear Donors… Join the OP Society

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Dear Donors…                       Join the OP Society

We believe in girls, and we know you do too. That’s why we are encouraging you to become a monthly donor. Join the OP Society today.

Monthly donations support Ophelia’s Place by:

  • Lowering fundraising costs. It takes time, money, and resources for Ophelia’s Place to fundraise. By becoming a monthly donor, your money goes straight to the direct care of girls, rather than to the overhead costs of fundraising.
  • Stabilizing income. Your generosity of a monthly donation ensures that Ophelia’s Place can count on funding for our programs, events, and opportunities for girls in your community, including summer camps, parent-daughter activities, and therapy groups.
  • Allowing plans to become reality. Your monthly support allows Ophelia’s Place to better plan for future expansion into more communities, new programs, and the ability to reach more girls.

Being a member of the OP Society has benefits for you too:

  • It’s easy. Becoming a monthly donor allows you to give multiple times by filling out a one-time online form, or by calling us at (541) 284-4333.
  • It’s feasible. Instead of donating a large lump sum amount, you can make an impactful difference by contributing an amount every month. Choose whatever fits your monthly budget:
    • $10 a month funds a week’s worth of snacks or an online craft for a girl
    • $25 a month funds an afterschool activity or digital drop-in group for girls
    • $50 a month funds telehealth or in-person therapy or for a girl
    • $100 a month funds a summer camp or online workshop for a girl
  • It fosters connection. Know that your gift is going to a great cause each month. Becoming a member of the OP Society, gives you access to upcoming events and activities just for OP Society members, and you’ll receive updates on how you are making an impact on the lives of girls.

We appreciate all of your support, and hope you can take part in monthly giving by joining the OP Society. It’s easy, rewarding, and benefits both you and the girls in our community.

To find out more about how we are empowering, educating, and supporting girls virtually, check out our website for further blog posts, and stay up to date on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.