Open Letter to Disney Pixar and the Writers of “Brave”

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 | Comments Off on Open Letter to Disney Pixar and the Writers of “Brave”


Disney Pixar writers, producers, artists and creative minds,

We at Ophelia’s Place appreciate Disney Pixar’s efforts to represent a strong, young woman like Merida in “Brave.” Her character is an example for young women seeking a tough, leading lady role model.

As an organization that is dedicated to the well-being of young women, Ophelia’s Place recognizes “Brave” as a film that honors and respects girls through a strong, self-reliant, lead female character. Merida exemplifies strength in women because she is brave and independent. She isn’t the typical Disney princess or damsel-in-distress as portrayed by many female characters throughout children’s films.

Ophelia’s Place is dedicated to fostering a healthy body image in girls. Mainstream media’s depiction of women in magazines, television and movies illustrates an unrealistic ideal that many young women go to great lengths to achieve, even if the path to reach such perfection is dangerous. Merida is unlike the “typical” woman. Instead of bottle-blonde, stick straight hair, she sports wild, fiery-red locks. Merida models a more realistic female body shape, as opposed to a Barbie-like figure, so coveted by today’s media. Of course, her appearance isn’t all-important, but it certainly goes to show young women that they should strive to be healthy and love themselves, even if they aren’t “perfect” in the media’s lens.

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Ophelia’s Place Staff