Eugene Workshops & Events

At Ophelia’s Place, there’s always so much to do and learn, and we have a lot of fun too! Check out these workshops and events coming up at our Eugene location. (Don’t forget to call to your orientation prior to your first visit with us.)

NOTE: The activities below are currently postponed until a later date due to coronavirus needs. Please check back in April with potential new information. Thank you.

To register these activities, call (541) 284-4333 or email info@opheliasplace.net.

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Coat of Arms
Tuesdays, May 5th & May 12th
4-5:50 p.m.
$10-25 sliding scale
Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
In the past, coats of arms were used as a way for people to identify themselves and their family history. You’ve probably seen them even if you didn’t recognize them. (All the Harry Potter houses have them!) This unique workshop will help you create your own coat of arms with a unique spin! We will turn your design into patches that you can add to a jacket, backpack, or journal. Facilitated by Sara Spahn and Laura Torkel.

Photography 101
Wednesday, May 6th
4:30-5:50 p.m.
$10-25 suggested donation
Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
This entry-level workshop will take you through the basics of easy-to-access photography. We’ll cover lighting, backdrops, photo-editing, and more! If you have an iPhone, come prepared to use it, and if you don’t have an iPhone no worries, we’ve got extras! Facilitated by Erica Goss and Claire Graman from Girls Voices Matter. Previous experience not required.

The Science of Music

Thursday, April 16th
4-5 p.m.
FREE – Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
Have you ever wondered how instruments work? Why they make the sounds that they do? Do you like making funny noises? Then this is the workshop for you! When it comes to making music, there’s more science to it then you might think. Join us and explore the science of sound and make some mini-instruments of your own! No musical or scientific experience required. Facilitated by OP staff.

Computer Magic
Mondays, April 20th-May 25th
4:30-5:30 p.m.
FREE – Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
Computers, coding, tech, programming – these topics can be really intimidating, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask. That’s where we come in! Facilitated by OP interns and volunteers, this workshop will help you get the hang of all of your frustrating tech troubles. It can be easy to give up on something, especially if you’re frustrated, but this group is a great place to go if you just need someone to help you along the way. Join us, learn some cool stuff, and know that you’ve got that computer magic in you too!
Tiny Science!
Thursday, May 21
4-5 p.m.
$10-$25 suggested donation.
Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
The U of O’s Women in Graduate Science are back! During this workshop, we will talk about model organisms. Model organisms are creatures like nematodes, and fruit flies that scientists use to study biological processes. Join us to learn how something super-tiny can be super-important!

Mind Body Skills

Thursdays, April 9th-June 4th (Skips May 14th)
4-5:50 p.m.
$10-$25 sliding scale
Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
Looking for ways to relieve stress? Feeling stuck in the same patterns? Have you tried meditating, but it feels too hard? Discover what stress relieving techniques work best for you and your temperament. We’ll explore stress relieving techniques, including meditation methods,
movement, creativity, and bio-feedback. People who have taken this class in the past have reported feeling more relaxed, feeling like they have reconnected with themselves, and that the tools they learn will stay with them for a lifetime. Facilitated by Jeya Aerenson.

Step, Slide, and Shake it Off!
Monday, May 4th
4:30-5:30 p.m.
FREE – Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
Sometimes, you’ve just got to move! Maybe you feel like you’ve had 20 cups of coffee, or feel like you took a really long nap; either way you got energy! Join us at OP in the studio for some dancing! Facilitated by Hustle and Muscle Fitness, this Zumba-like dance workshop will let you shake it off! Grab your dance pants and come kick it!

Natural Haircare Day
Friday, May 8th
3:45-5:45 p.m.
FREE – Registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
This event is a space for self-identified girls of color to come together to share and learn fun ways to care for their natural hair! Join us as we make our own hair care products, engage in discussion about representation in the beauty industry, and share tips and tricks on how we care for our hair. Girls will also get the opportunity to practice their new skills. Food and beverages will be provided!  
Women’s Advisory Council for Youth (WACY)

Wednesdays April 1st-June 3rd
4-5 p.m.
FREE – No registration required.
Girls ages 14-18
WACY is a volunteer group committed to leadership, empowerment, and equality for all people. We support the mission of OP through awareness raising, advocacy, and fundraising activities…with fun, humor, and chocolate! Youth-led and directed, join us to make a difference, make friends, and get great volunteer experience! Facilitated by OP staff.


Parent/Daughter Event: College Is For Everyone!
Saturday, May 16
3-5 p.m.
FREE – Registration required.
For girls ages 10-18 and a parent/guardian of their choice
Sometimes, just thinking about getting ready for college can be so stressful! Where do you even start? What do you need to be ready? Ahhh! We feel you. Check out our Parent-Daughter event this spring: College is For Everyone! Bring a parent and enjoy some pizza while learning about opportunities after high school! Hear from representatives from University of Oregon and Lane Community College to learn more about college or other post-high school education options, how to finance it, and other tips and tricks!

Cosplay Party
Monday, May 25th
3-6 p.m.
FREE – No registration required.
Girls ages 10-18
Grab your gear and come party with us at OP! We are so excited for GirlCon 2020 but there’s still a few months before the big day. (Check it out on our website!) Ophelia’s Place is hosting a cosplay party for everyone who just can’t wait! Come in your craziest gear, or just your favorite shirt – whatever floats your boat – and we will spend some time chatting about our faves. We’ll make GirlCon keychains,
buttons, and more!


OP Drop-In Support Group
Mondays ongoing
4-5 p.m.
For middle and high school-aged girls and non-binary youth
This drop-in support group is a safe place for youth to talk about some of the tougher issues in their lives. The group is facilitated by OP therapists and focuses on empowerment and skill-building from a strengths-based, relational approach. Guardians of middle school youth must sign a parent consent form prior to youth’s first attendance. Learn more about our therapy services and see the full description of the topics below.

Weekly topics include: (Download a Description of All Topics):

  • March 30 – Conflict Resolution
  • April 1 – Friendships & Bullying
  • April 6 – Family
  • April 20 – Romantic Relationships and Sex
  • April 27 – What it Means to Be a Girl/Woman in This World
  • May 4 – Self-Esteem & Self Care
  • May 11 – Anxiety
  • May 18 – Depression
  • May 25 – Grief & Loss
  • June 1 – Gender/Sexual/Romantic Identity
  • June 8 – Body Image
  • June 15 – Endings & Beginnings