Comfort & Joy: Embracing Those Small Moments of Togetherness

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Comfort & Joy: Embracing Those Small Moments of Togetherness

As we approach the winter season and the diverse holidays many of us celebrate, it can be easy to focus on all that is different this year. Especially on the things it feels like we lack, such as the ability to gather freely as we have in years past.

Changes and challenges are real, and it’s okay to acknowledge our feelings of uncertainty or wishfulness for things to be as they were. But they can also be an invitation to see and experience joy and comfort in new ways.

When we take a moment to ask ourselves for the reason we come together in the winter, it’s often because it’s easy to get busy and disconnected, and intentionally setting time aside to be together feels restorative. As the nights lengthen and the temperature drops, we will be together indoors even more, it is a good time to embrace togetherness. “Hygge” is a popular notion that has been catching the imagination of many in the last couple of years. It hails from Denmark and is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” This cultural concept feels especially inviting this year.

What are some ways to dig into coziness and connection for you and your family? Maybe it’s getting in touch with the seasonal traditions that used to feel hectic or rushed. Maybe it’s embracing the simple comforts of warm socks and hot chocolate. Or trying a new tradition entirely…like Wolfenoot, Iceland’s Jolabokaflod, or a family game night. (You can even play games on Zoom!)

The important thing is to recognize that joy and comfort are deeply healing experiences that help us build the resilience to get through tough times.

They also reinforce the meaningful connections to our loved ones that are the heart of any seasonal celebration.

We at Ophelia’s Place invite you to seek your joy and comfort in the small things, the moments of laughter, the quiet cups of tea, the snuggles with children and pets. These moments and memories are the bright lights in the long winter nights.